Well the FINDERS KEEPERS MARKETS are over for another year.We had a great time meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces.

There were soo many great stores and products to look at. One stall that we really liked were 'The Horse', which is an amazing young couple from Cronulla in Sydney. Not only were they very friendly but they design some pretty epic shoes. We didnt get a chance to purchase any of their products but I have been checking out their website and see a couple of shoes I might just have to get. Check them out HERE

The other stall we liked is called minyaka design, which is two talented designers who design eco-freindly children's wear. I was looking at their products a lot as it was opposite our store and will be perfect for our daughter, Selah, when she gets a little older. Check them out HERE


  1. Hi, love your stuff!
    So much I've posted some pictures from the Sydney Finders Keepers Market on my blog!

    take care, til next year!


  2. Thanks for the mention on your blog b and e! xx