I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about Mr White. Apart from being my husband, father to my daughter and pretty much my most favourite person on this earth, he is the driving force, the maker, the craftsman, the 'MR' of "Mr & Mrs White'. He is quite the perfectionist, which is a great trait to have in general, I think, but particularly in his chosen profession, which involves close attention to detail and precision in every element. He is seldom seen without a hat on and likes to colour coordinate his wardrobe (this makes me happy as long as I don't have to). Over the years I have been coaxing him out of his cave of simple boring foods, introducing him to the likes of rocket leaves (watch out!) and other exotic foods like sushi and goats cheese (not together of course). He's come a long way =) Nathan has a wonderful ability to make people feel at home, always the first to crack a rude joke and is always honest. In May of this year we celebrated our 5 year anniversary - Here's to a life time more! Photos by Luisa Brimble. Styling by Stefanie Ingram

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