One of my failures as a wife has been my inability/drive/patience to bake...such things like cookies, cakes and most of all (to my husbands dismay) slices. His favourite is choc-caramel...a sugar-filled childhood treat perfected by his mother and one that has haunted me in my few attempts at trying to replicate the delicious memory of my husbands past. So success in the slice department. I tell myself...'there's two types of people in this world...savoury people and sweet people...I'm the latter'. Despite my flaws you must give me credit for the attempt or attempts...there has been 3 so far. My most recent attempt started at 5:30 pm yesterday. I wish I could say the image below was the result of my afternoon battle but attempt was not worthy of a photo. My husband said and I quote "the slice has beaten you...are you gonna let it? or will you rise and conquer?" To this I say "Hell no...I've been defeated...and do I not really...I don't like slice that much. I think you will have to go elsewhere to fulfill your slice needs...there's a bakery down the road. Love you xx

The images below are recipes from the wonderful Donna Hay. 

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